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Your dream of enjoying a property in Italy has probably been there for some time already. You may ask yourself: ‘How to realise this, where to start?’ Most probably you already spent a lot of time during evenings and weekends in searching the internet. Or, you even dedicated some of your holidays to visiting properties in the region you prefer.
A lot of our clients have had the same experiences: an affluent number of real estate websites with a vague offering, in a lot of cases not even in English; or, spending precious holiday time to see properties that are far from meeting their wishes. And, many people question if they have been in the position to oversee the entire offer in the market that fits their needs, so even get to know properties that cannot be found through the internet or at the window shops of local agents.

If you could only work with dedicated real estate professionals who have the knowledge of the local market and are able to listen and fully understand the wishes of both foreign and Italian clients and who are able to translate these into a concrete and realistic perspective on available properties that can meet international demands within the requested timeframe… Via dei Colli is able to offer you this. We have the people, the network of potential sellers, the other agents and the skills to support you in getting where you want to be: realise your dream instead of keep on dreaming.

Some of the advantages of Via dei Colli dedicated property search:

  • Committed Via dei Colli staff
  • Available to dedicate time to work exclusively for you
  • Partners able to determine your wishes, give advice and learn more about the region, specifically on acquiring, eventually building and/or renovating properties
  • Mutually investing in strong personal relationships means better knowledge of where your thoughts and feelings towards real estate go
  • Focus on your search process which means efficiency for you
  • Broad network of colleague agents with potential interesting offers
  • Broad network of sellers, potential sellers and people who intend to sell in the mid term
  • Pleasant process that will make searching not a long lasting, annoying and exhausting activity
  • Via dei Colli is more focused and motivated than other companies that only work no-cure-no-pay and where you may be only one of many potential clients
  • Excellent pay-back-fee-when-you-buy agreement

The service entails:

  • Conducting intensive (minimal 1 hour) intake face to face or by telephone
  • Performing minimal 15 hour internet search and networking
  • Searching through our own portfolio and the portfolio of other real estate agents
  • Providing extra information (pictures) of the surroundings of the property, descriptions of the nearest villages and facilities
  • Executing all necessary email and telephone exchange
  • Maintaining exclusive relationship between Via dei Colli and you as a client
  • Delivering long list and jointly determining short list of potential interesting properties
  • Making visit appointments

Fee: EUR 950 (excl. VAT), to be fully refunded if search is concluded with a property buy.


Inspection Tours

For some of our potential clients it can be convenient to organise an inspection tour after we have done the property search. Flying in for 2-3 days and visiting during those days some of the most potential fitting properties, with enough time during the day to know as much as possible about buying real estate in Umbria (meetings with banks, insurance companies, interior design stores etc) and the possibility to stay on locations you really like. For this kind of requests we developed our inspection tour service. We will organise your stay here and we personally will pick you up at the airport you prefer. At the end of the tour you should have seen the property you really like and must be ready to acquire.

This contains the full Dedicated Property Search and following:

  • Organising inspection trip of minimal 2 days with visits to 4-6 short list properties
  • Organising hotel stays, transport facilities and other entertainment
  • Performing pick up and transfer from and to airport

Fee: EUR 1.950 (excl. VAT), to be fully refunded when inspection tour is concluded with a property purchase, hotel, dinner/lunches and transport will be charged separately based on actual costs incurred.


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