Food and wine

The quality of Umbrian cooking is really excellent. Wherever you might go, village festivals or 5 stars restaurants, you will undoubtedly taste simple and delicious products.
Olive oil, truffle, wine, “norcineria”, spelt, lentils, chickling vetch, saffron, “torta al testo”, “strangozzi”: these are only some of the ingredients of the regional cooking.

Don’t miss the experience of going to a village festival: any one you might decide to go, from the wild board festival to the onion one, you will taste for sure typical Umbrian products in their original context.

For the updated list of festivals you can browse the web site of the region of Umbria.

The roads of wine

A separate chapter has to be dedicated to the roads of wine, ways to go along by car, motorbike, bike or on foot among the sweet Umbrian hills, with visits to the wine cellars:

La Strada del Sagrantino
Since centuries,  one of the most precious Italian vine is cultivated in the nearby of Montefalco: the Sagrantino. 27 footpaths available in the area.

La Strada dei Colli del Trasimeno
5 itineraries winding around Lake Trasimeno, among woods, abbeys and good wine.

La Strada dei vini etrusco romana

Trip within one of the oldest wine territories in Umbria, in between Orvieto and Amelia.


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