General infomation on Le Marche:

Le Marche is a central region of Italy bordering to the north with Emilia-Romagna and the Republic of San Marino, north-west of Tuscany, Umbria to the west / south-west and to the south with Lazio and Abruzzo, all lapped by the Adriatic Sea to the east.

At the administrative level, the region is divided into 5 provinces: Pesaro-Urbino, the regional capital Ancona, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno recently established, the southernmost province.
The resident population is approximately 1,560,000, the most populous city is Ancona (104,000 inhabitants), followed by Pesaro (95,000) and Fano (65,000).
The 10 largest centers of Marche collect less that 30% of the total population, reflecting the attractiveness of countryside and smaller country towns of Le Marche.

Le Marche's economy is driven by the small to medium, highly specialized homogeneous industries distributed over the region and districts. The seaside resorts and artistic towns attract tourists from Italy and Europe. Also important to the regional economy are the riches the sea provides, making fishing and fisheries important to the area.

Le Marche is one of the hilliest regions of Italy: the hills constitute 69% of the territory, while 31% is mountainous. The plains are largely limited to coastal areas and near the mouths of rivers.

The Umbria-Marche Apennines which cross though Le Marche including, to the north, Mount Catria (1701 meters) and Monte Nerone (1526 meters), at the center Monte San Vicino (1500 meters), and south-west of the Sibillini Mountains, dominated by Mount Carrier (2448 meters).

The coastline, 173 km in total, has a fairly straight course, with long sandy beaches or gravel, broken by Monte San Bartolo, near Pesaro, and the high point of Conero, just south of Ancona, which gives rise to high and spectacular limestone cliffs and is the highest point of the coast. Another small area of coast is high near Grottammare, the Riviera delle Palme. 98.2% of the coastline is pristine and perfect for sunbathing and lapping up the beautiful crystal like waters, with a great number of Blue Flags, 16 in total.

The rivers originate mostly in Le Marche Apennines on the border with Umbria and form picturesque gorges like the Furlo, Frasassi, della Rossa, Pioraco and Arquata. The longest river is the Metauro.

In the coastal area north of Ancona, the climate is sub-continental, with hot summers and cold winters (in Pesaro the average January temperature is 3.8 C). To the south of Ancona sub-continental fades to assume the character of more distinctly Mediterranean Riviera (Grottammare the average January temperature is 7.6 C). In mountainous areas there are cool comfortable summers and cold winters with the possibility of snow.


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