Why the Marche?

One of the famous sayings about the Le Marche region is "All of Italy in one region". In fact, the ever surprising region of Le Marche wonderful and masterfully condenses most of the elements that make Italy special: countryside, hills, idilic landscapes, snow-capped mountains, blue sea, cities of art, medieval hill-top villages, history and culture, good food, excellent craftsmanship and quality of life.

The variety of landscapes, the diversity of accents, the alternation between rural areas and highly developed tourism is a great treasure in the land that gave birth to Raphael, Leopardi and Gioacchino Rossini.

Le Marche region hosts areas that are full of life and culture, with wide ranges of entertainment, like the Riviera Pesarese or San Benedetto Riviera or even the Riviera del Conero. Cities of art such as the university cities of Urbino, Ancona, Macerata, and a myriad of towns and villages set among pristine hills, especially in the hinterlands. In these areas reigns the simple ideals of hard work, simple generosity, good humor among the seasoned fairness of the people.

The diversity in the landscapes of Le Marche can be extreme. Passing from mountainous regains of altitudes that exceed 2000 meters where summer and winter sports reign, to the coats which can be flatter and sandy, but sometimes wild and rocky, passing through a countryside characterized by rolling hills dotted with vineyards, olive trees and sunflowers.

In recent years, thanks to an attractive advertising campaign and the opening of new routes to the airport of Ancona, the region has come into international prominence. Further helping its cause was a publication of the prestigious U.S. organization AARP that identified Le Marche as one of the top five best places in the world to live after retirement.

In is a fair bet, one which we see proven everyday that this area of the inland Marche, with its beautiful scenery and relatively low prices, compared to Umbria and Tuscany, that an ever increasing number of both Italian and foreign buyers will continue to make Le Marche their purchasing area or choice.


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