Making our clients happy and carefree is our first goal.
Following, a selection of what our clients say about their experience of buying a house in Italy with us.


It may not be common to read such glowing reviews, especially of estate agents, but I can only echo and confirm what other clients have here said. Our own house search in Italy was further complicated by our uncertainty as to exactly where we wanted to buy and as to whether we would be able to find anywhere exactly what we wanted.

With Stefano's help, we managed to narrow our search to 3 towns in 2 provinces. He guided us through this lengthy process with grace and good humor. His optimism, patience, and unflappably sweet temper turned what might have been an exhausting and frustrating failure into something else entirely, a wonderfully fun and interesting experience, which ended in happy success.

Stefano is not only a very personable young man, but also organized and efficient (even by American standards!). He arrived always on time, completely prepared and focused on the day's task. That said, he never lost sight of our long-term goals. He was careful to keep us (me!) on-track. It is a fact that I am too much inclined to think with my eyes instead of my head, and I came to trust and rely upon Stefano's experience and common sense.

This experience was invaluable in navigating the ins and outs of the Byzantine Italian legal system. As a lawyer, my husband was astonished by the complexity of the requirements for conveying real property in Italy. Stefano not only knows these rules, but can navigate them with an assurance that makes us confident there will be no surprises in the future.

I cannot finish without saying how much we always enjoyed spending time with Stefano. He is a delightful, easy companion - intelligent, well-educated, and dryly funny. He is an astute observer and an excellent listener. His English is near perfect. He is unfailingly courteous and a man of unquestionable integrity. His help went far beyond what any reasonable client, no matter how demanding, might have expected. I cannot imagine a better person to help find and purchase property in Italy.

Ann Robinson, USA

" I thought was difficult to buy a house in Italy when you are based in USA and even more difficult to trust someone met"virtually" via Internet. I was proved wrong as soon Stefano started working with me to find a wonderful place in Umbria. To start with, Stefano asked many questions to understand my needs, my 'gusto", my preferences. Contrary to most real estate agents, he did not 'forced me" to buy something immediately but rather he invested quality time to present options, explain pro and cos, and help me to understand the rather complex laws and requirements. Once we have found the property we were looking for, he made himself available, he negotiated with balanced views and credibility and was able to close the deal in a very short time.
Let me also add that Stefano has acted with integrity and with a personal courtesy and highest standard of integrity and genuine customer care. It has been a pleasure working with him and I can only strongly recommend him as a credible, honest and qualified professional.
Grazie Stefano!"
Paolo & Lalia Gallo, Washington DC   

" We met Stefano when he answered his phone late on a Friday night. The next day he sold us exactly the property we were looking for, and ever since when we had a problem he was the perfect gentleman only too willing to help.
Stood in a queue with us at official offices, helped us to open bank accounts, introduced us to architects, surveyors and builders, translated at a pharmacy when we needed medicine urgently, helped with finding an accountant to handle our property  taxes.
We could not have hoped for a more helpful introduction to Italy and would recommend him anytime to anybody looking for an estate agent in Italy.”
Nico and Santa van der Meulen, Johannesbourg

“Via dei Colli have been of great assistance in not only finding the right property but have been invaluable from organising  all the necessary meetings with the client, notaries, surveyor’s etc to even helping with utility bills, money transfers and mortgage arrangements. Via dei Colli have made, what can be a difficult process of purchasing a property, straight forward and enjoyable.
They offer an excellent and very professional service and have always helped where possible even if our request falls outside the usual services they offer. My wife and I are looking forward to our new home in Italy and we would recommend Via dei Colli to anyone wishing to purchase their dream home abroad.”
Mark & Vera Hynes, Middlesborough

"This was our first experience of buying a property overseas so didn't know what to expect. Stefano and his colleagues could not have been more helpful, guiding us through every step of the process in a calm, professional manner. The level of service we received was way above our expectations and we are delighted with the outcome.  We would not hesitate in recommending Via dei Colli to others."
Charles & Eleanor Dady, London   
“ Dear Stefano,
I would like to write to thank both yourself and Francesca for all your help in acquiring our new property in Italy. As we discovered the buying process in Italy is certainly more complicated than it is in the UK and without your help and professionalism we would have struggled to complete the purchase of our wonderful apartment. Especially of value was the full service that you offer both pre and post purchase:-
Acquiring a tax code (Codice Fiscale)
Opening a Bank Account
Dealing with the Legal Process (transacting through the Notary)
Setting up payments with the Council (ICI etc.)
And most importantly in our case establishing residency in Cortona.
As we both discovered rules are constantly changing in Italy so your professional service and attention to detail was a great help.
I would recommend Via dei Colli Immobiliare to any prospective property buyers in Italy.
Yours sincerely”
Peter & Carolyn Carrol, Carlisle

“ Ho avuto modo di conoscere la Via dei Colli Immobiliare, nella persona del Sig. Stefano Calafà, in occasione dell’acquisto dell’immobile “ Ginestre 2 “ in un complesso vicino Todi.
Si è immediatamente instaurato un rapporto cordialissimo grazie alla professionalità e alla cortesia del Sig. Calafà. Devo anche evidenziare la massima disponibilità nel corso delle varie visite effettuate al complesso Immobiliare che, indubbiamente, ha contribuito sulla decisione dell’investimento. Pregevole è stata anche l’assistenza  prestata fino alla stipula del rogito notarile ivi compresa la richiesta delle forniture di energia.”
Giovanni Stoppini, Roma   

“Siamo entrati in contatto con l’agenzia Via dei Colli Immobiliare nell’estate del 2007 dopo aver selezionato su internet alcune agenzie che trattavano le tipologie di immobili di nostro interesse, ovvero casali umbri ristrutturati o di nuova realizzazione.
Naturalmente nello stesso periodo abbiamo avuto modo di contattare anche altre agenzie e di visionare un numero significativo di proposte immobiliari ma quello che ci ha convinti ad approfondire i rapporti con Via dei Colli sono stati essenzialmente la professionalità e la serietà del dott. Calafà e le molteplici opportunità immobiliari offerte dall’agenzia, tutte perfettamente compatibili con i prezzi degli immobili della stessa tipologia che avevamo già avuto modo di vedere.
Per quanto riguarda la professionalità del dott. Calafà, devo dire che l’esperienza fatta è andata al di là delle migliori aspettative in quanto, essendo noi abbastanza inesperti in materia di compravendita immobiliare, le informazioni e i suggerimenti ottenuti ci hanno davvero aiutato a capire sia come procedere nei vari steps delle azioni necessarie per formalizzare un accordo con i costruttori sia a focalizzare i rischi potenzialmente presenti in questo genere di transazioni; a tal riguardo l’aiuto dell’agenzia ci ha fornito una guida sicura riducendo notevolmente l’ansia di incorrere in qualche spiacevole sorpresa.
Anche l’assistenza fornitaci durante la trattativa con il costruttore è stata molto apprezzata permettendoci alla fine di arrivare ad un accordo che ci ha pienamente soddisfatti.
Non va poi dimenticato l’ottimo supporto ricevuto nell’individuazione e scelta dello studio notarile nonchè la preparazione dei documenti relativi alla proposta di acquisto.
Sintetizzando quindi la nostra esperienza con l’agenzia Via dei Colli Immobiliare, nella persona del dott. Calafà, possiamo senz’altro affermare che ogni aspetto è stato senza dubbio positivo: dall’ampia possibilità di scelta degli immobili con costi perfettamente allineati con la media di mercato, alla professionalità, preparazione, serietà, puntualità nelle risposte e nella redazione dei documenti, supporto nelle trattative e, infine, per la cortesia del dott. Calafà a cui va il nostro ringraziamento.”
Sergio e Anna Maggiori, Milano   



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