Here are the main reasons that will lead you to choose this fantastic solution:

During a walk in the Tuscan countryside, you can see many beautiful buildings, exuding history so evocative of the past but unfortunately decommissioned. It is not just a ruin with a melancholy charm but a place that still has a lot to offer. An old farmhouse in Tuscany is an excellent opportunity to create a farm or to create the home of your dreams, your forever home, within walking distance of the city.

The reasons for renovating a farmhouse: Tax relief!

The renovation of a historic farmhouse is a very demanding task, but when finished it will give great satisfaction also from an economic point of view. Using the directives of the Art. 16 of Decree Law 63/2013 it is possible to request a tax exemption of restructuring costs and obtain a very interesting state reimbursement. We are talking about interventions that allow to reduce the costs for the purchase price.


Eco sustainability: do not build new houses, do not pollute and above all do not limit green spaces to a minimum. Restoring an old farmhouse is the emblem of a society without waste. Today many Italian cities are starting to support regional regulations, towards a sustainable urban policy.

Historical importance

Restoring an old farmhouse means living every day in a place where history and antiquity permeates. It is not necessary to alter the original home, but to enhance the architectural details already present, to preserve the charm of an ancient traditional house.

In recent years, state administrations, to promote the renovation of existing buildings, have given rise to policies for building renovation. With the introduction of restructuring bonuses. In Tuscany, Regional Law No. 3 of 7.2.2017 has developed an ad hoc policy for the recovery of abandoned rural buildings, totally transforming the landscape of the countryside in just one year.

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