The main protagonists of the sale of “Villa La Luna” were the real estate consultants Tommaso Liscaio, for the part of the seller, and our Managing Director Stefano Calafà, from Via dei Colli Immobiliare, who instead assisted the lucky buyers.

All said they were truly satisfied with the goal achieved, attained not only thanks to the perfect degree of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property, which meant that the building did not present any type of urban and/or cadastral problems, but also to the excellent relationship among all professionals. This allowed the closure of the negotiation in a very short time, about a month, to the great satisfaction of the customers.

We can only congratulate our Stefano Calafà, Immobiliare, with his professionalism and competence, has allowed us to conclude another very important sale, for a truly significant value, of around two million euros. And here is our client’s comment:

Over the last four years we were able to view a select number of homes in Italy with a few very capable and local knowledgeable real estate firms.

In late 2018, we were able to close on a wonderful home, “Villa La Luna” that meets our family’s needs and more, in Orvieto Umbria.

We were represented by Stefano Calafa General Manager of Via dei Colli, partner of Great Estate.

Thank you for your past support in our search of our Tuscany – Umbria home.

Best regards,

Dave Nardone


Villa la Luna