When Clients Become Great Friends - Apperàtife in Jafa

When Clients Become Great Friends

We can’t thank Limor and Avshalom enough for our fabulous trip to Israel, their hospitality, kindness, generosity, all the amazing places we visited and cooking!!! Everything was simply outstanding!
We only hope to have satisfied and delivered on our promises; in helping you find your beautiful home here in Italy. With our continuous assistance even after buying the property, Gregorio’s help with finishing the renovations, the creation of the swimming pool & general after sales assistance (Italian bureaucracy being what it is …). We are so happy to have had the opportunity to have clients like you and have created such a deep friendship, we look forward to having drinks around your pool this summer!

The beauty of the Israel and surrounding Areas was and is truly breath taking, thank you immensely for letting us experience it all!!

Thank you again for the beautiful journey that we have enjoyed together not just the trip to Israel but also the Friendship we have been blessed with, since your first contact with us, Via dei Colli – Real Estate in Umbria back in the summer of 2016.

This post will be updated periodically with new photos as landscaping is completed