Professional partners

Our selected network of partners makes it possible for us to follow the customer and the purchasing process from A to Z, covering all matters related to: legal, financial, administrative, insurance or technical matters 

We are able to provide support for the possible opening of agricultural companies, restructuring, legal matters and all the other challenges that a real estate purchase presents.


To guarantee a bespoke and complete service, we have developed a network of professionals capable of satisfying all the needs that may gravitate around a real estate sale; the professionals we work with have been carefully selected in nearly two decades of business activity. We want to make sure  the client takes center stage.

The real estate transaction in Italy must pass through a notary, the legal professional delegated by the buyer and seller to supervise the regularity of the sale, in each of its aspects. Over the years we have developed privileged relationships with some notary firms, which we warmly recommend to our customers

For specific needs, for complex negotiations, special conditions, or simply for your greater security, you can contact the lawyers we work with, fluent in English and aimed at international clients.

Exchange rate risk is not a negligible element of an international transaction and the costs required by commercial banks for currency transfers are often very high. However, saving money is possible by using a trading company with excellent customer service.


Insure your home against various risks, including earthquakes.

Independent companies capable of finding the best solutions for your needs, even for those who have no income in Italy.


What are the exact conditions of the house? What expenses do I have to face? Are the permits all regular? Are all the installations working? For those who want to have additional security before buying by independent experts accustomed to Anglo-Saxon standards.

A collaboration that has lasted for several years, with dozens of prestigious properties renovated or refurbished; a unique style, highly appreciated in Italy and abroad. Furniture, gardens, targeted interventions and complete turnkey renovations: it is our pride to count Emanuela among our partners.

For relatively simple activities such as the payment of annual municipal taxes, or for more specific advice regarding international tax legislation: trusted professionals accustomed to interacting with an international clientele.

Partner with proven experience and reliability for the renovation, construction of swimming pools, carpentry services, earthmoving, electrical, plumbing works and much more

Many are the nuances behind the purchase of a property; also thanks to our trusted partners, we strive to provide a complete and dedicated service, allowing the customer to experience a pleasant and care-free purchase.

Managing all the various activities required for every customer, entails that our service is only available to a maximum of 30 people at the same time. To submit your request, please fill in the questionnaire by clicking the button below; if accepted and there is a place available, we will arrange an initial call for information.

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