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06014 Montone PG, Italia
For sale €1.970.000,00 - Farm, Vineyard
4601 610 m2 4 Bathrooms Year Built 2011icon1 km from the cityicon45 haiconno 
Access road: asphalted road
Technological installations: Up to codes
Energy performance: G, 196.050 kWh/sq m year

Vineyard farm in Umbria with 45 hectares of land; a corporate building, two ruins and project for a further wine cellar.


Vineyard and farm located a short distance from a beautiful Umbrian historic centre much loved and of constantly increasing international interest. E45, 3 km, Umbertide (6 km), Città di Castello (20 minutes), Perugia airport (30 minutes) and Perugia itself (30 minutes), Arezzo (40 minutes).

Extended description:

Vineyard farm with more than 45 hectares of land, of which about 6 hectares of are wine producing vineyards. The other 39 hectares are composed of: olive groves (2.16 ha), truffle producing lands (1.80 ha), arable land (9.50 ha) and forest (25.96 ha). The property includes a newly built property, housing the management function for the winery, a tasting area, storage zone and a conference area, plus a garage.
There is already a project, already approved, to build a cellar.

There are two truly romantic and evocative ruins both in strategic and panoramic positions. These traditional ruins with a large surface area “footprint” offer many interesting investment and property uses both for private and commercial purposes.
The varieties of Vines are: Syrah which were planted in 2007 (1.36 ha), Friulano: planted in 2007 (0.74 ha), Chardonnay planted in 2010 (1.50 ha), Pinot Noir planted in 2010 (1.30 ha), Chardonnay planted in 2017 (0.65 ha) and Pinot Noir planted in 2017 (0.35 ha). Another very advantageous point of this traditional vineyard property in Umbria is the possibility of planting new vines for another 3 ha.

State and finishes:

The main structure has been built following the maximum precautions in terms of anti-seismic building construction. The materials used for the finishes are aimed for maximum energy efficiency, a rarity in these “typical” and traditional vine properties.

Services and utilities:

The farm is connected to the communal water system furthermore for irrigation there is the right to draw on a natural water reserve and a tank for collecting rainwater.
Heating is provided by GPL gas with the addition of solar panels for water heating.
The electrical system is up to code.

Urban and cadastral situation:

On each property acquired, the Great Estate group carries out a technical due diligence through the seller’s technician, which allows us to know in detail the urban and cadastral situation of each property. The client can request this due diligence at the time of a true interest in the property.

Ownership details and eventual contractual obligations.

The property is registered to a company.

Uses and potential:

The company is well established and has the opportunity to expand and modify some aspects that could be interesting as a home within the company. Furthermore it is possible to create a boutique hospitality property along with the possibility of building a wine cellar, given the already approved building projects.

Additional information

  • Liability: All the details and technical data here indicated are made available in good faith following an inspection and based on the available documentation. We take no responsibility for any inaccuracies

Annexes and accessories

Site (the map indicates the area where the property is located, the location is approximate)

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