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06036 Montefalco, Provincia Perugia, Italia
For sale, Price under application - Historical listed building, Palace, townhouse
5835 1850 m2 8 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms Year Built 1400iconno 
Access road: Asphalted road
Technological installations: Up to codes
Energy performance: G, 229.94 kWh/sq m year

The Palazzo del Cardinale is located in Montefalco, in the main town square.
The property is listed among the assets of considerable historical and artistic interest in Umbria with a ministerial decree of 1993. The total size of the building is approximately 1800 square meters.
The building was renovated with anti-seismic criteria in the 2000s but needs finishing works. The property is suitable as a representative residence or as a possible luxury accommodation facility.


The palace is located in the center, in Montefalco, a village famous for its wineries and Sagrantino wine. Easily accessible from Rome, about two hours by car from Fiumicino airport and 40 minutes from Perugia international airport. The closest railway station is located in Foligno.

Extended description:

The prestigious palace of Montefalco hosted Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere for long stays, then elected pope with the name of Julius II.
The property consists of a basement, ground floor, main floor, second floor, third floor with a 60 sq m terrace and panoramic tower. The structure has been completely renovated with post-1997 anti-seismic criteria. The renovation is not completed, however, as some finishes and sanitary fixtures are missing.

The entrance to the building is located in the main square of Montefalco, opposite to the Palazzo del Comune. Entering the ground floor, on the left we find rooms currently used as warehouses, with two beautiful pointed arches, a study and a bathroom. On the right instead we find a study. Continuing in the corridor, we find 4 warehouses and two rooms used as kitchen. At the end of the corridor we reach the internal stairs that lead to the upper floors.

The noble floor consists of 4 living rooms, one of which embellished with a restored canvas and nineteenth-century frescoes to be restored, a chapel, a kitchen room, five bedrooms. The second floor consists of 4 living rooms, 1 kitchen and two bedrooms, as well as a large attic room. The third floor has a 67 square meter terrace, with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Umbria, from which you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Umbrian Valley, the Apennines and the Martani Mountains. The 12 square meter glazed turret adds an additional panoramic point and further embellishes the building. The basement is composed of a maze of cellars and airy warehouses, with a grotto that adds importance and mystery to the property.

Condition and finishes:

General structural safety: load-bearing structures completely renovated in 2000. Internal features: terracotta floors, frescoes in the main hall, some ceilings are inlaid with wooden boxes, stone vaults of various styles. External frames: glass / wood, need replacement or restoration.

Services and Utilities:

The property is served by all utilities. Heating with natural gas boilers, municipal water and urban sewage system.

Urban and cadastral situation:

Great Estate Group, through the owner’s specialist, draws up a due diligence on each property, which allows to perfectly know the urbanistic and cadastral situation of every property. The due diligence can be required in case of real interest in the property.

Ownership details and eventual contractual obligations:

The property is registered to natural persons and the sale is subject to taxes equal to 9% of the revalued cadastral value (2% in the case of a first home). The property is regularly registered in the Building Register of Montefalco, cat. A / 2. The property has been declared of particularly important interest pursuant to law No. 1089 of 1st June 1939.

Uses and Potential:

The property can be used as an important personal residence or as a representative palace. It could be divided into luxury apartments or used as a high-level accommodation facility.

Additional information

  • Liability: All the details and technical data here indicated are made available in good faith following an inspection and based on the available documentation. We take no responsibility for any inaccuracies
Site (the map indicates the area where the property is located, the location is approximate)

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