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06031 Bevagna, Province of Perugia, Italy
For sale €370.000,00 - Flat, Palace, townhouse
7384 554 m2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Year Built 1800icon0.0087 ha
Access road: Asphalted road
Technological installations: Up to codes
Energy performance: G, 320 kWh/mq /year

In the magnificent and characteristic historic center of Bevagna, which is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, stands this beautiful building entirely in stone.

Palazzetto Santa Maria is a property with an independent entrance which consists of a real estate unit on the first floor. There are large rooms on the street level that can be used as an atelier or recovered with the necessary precautions to expand the residential area.

The property is completed with a delightful courtyard hidden by the medieval walls of Bevagna. If your dream is to have your own corner of peace in beautiful Umbria, this property is the right one for you.


In the center of Bevagna, just under 30 minutes by car from Perugia airport, easily reachable from Rome and from all the most beautiful villages in Umbria, such as Assisi, Spello, Trevi, Spoleto and Todi.


The apartment is accessible by entering through the wooden door on the ground floor. You enter a hallway with eighteenth-century stone stairs, to get to the landing on the first floor.

Currently the conformation of the apartment includes 2 large double bedrooms, a dining room, a study with a small terrace, two lounges and a small room, as well as a single bathroom. It is possible to easily create other bathrooms to serve the rooms.

On the ground floor we find instead some very large rooms currently used as warehouses and storage, once used as the headquarters of the Gaita di Santa Maria (Bevagna district).

The private internal courtyard of the building allows you to have a private green area in the historic center of Bevagna. There is also an accessible cave with a hatch that served in the past as a cellar and refrigerator.

The property, although still in good condition, is in need of renovation and updating, as the latest works were done many years ago.

State of repair:

The floors are tiled in almost the entire first floor. The windows are made of wood with single glass. In general, the property needs a complete conservative renovation.


The property is served by all the utilities of the town (aqueduct, methane and electricity).

Land registry details:

The Great Estate group carries out a technical due diligence on each property acquired through the seller’s technician, which allows us to know in detail the urban and cadastral status of the property. This due diligence may be requested by the client at the time of a real interest in the property.

Ownership details and eventual contractual obligations:

This property is in the name of a natural person (s) and the sale will be subject to registration tax according to the regulations in force (see private purchase costs).

Use and Potential Uses:

This property is the ideal solution to become a main residence or a secondary residence for holidays and free time in one of the most evocative places in Umbria.

Additional information

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