What a property finder does

International customers, but also domestic clients, might feel disheartened if they cannot find what they are really looking for. Many share the wish to interact with a single professional within a real estate agency of undisputable excellence, having the capacity to offer personalized services.

The dedicated search through Via dei Colli, with the collaboration of the estimeed Great Estate group, is the perfect way to ensure your home-buying journey is smooth and enjoyable.

The dedicated search is the exclusive assignment that the buying customers assign to Via dei Colli to scout their ideal property. It is a service with high added value, which involves a mutual investment in trust to reach the common goal. Previous experience shows that around 80% of customers who sign up for a dedicated search actually end up buying a property with us.

With a dedicated search assignment, our agent will be the only contact person for the customer, and will actively take care of finding the right property, primarily within the vast real estate portfolio of the Great Estate group, then in the entire market, selecting properties of potential interest advertised by private individuals or other agents. The buying customer, regardless of who the seller is and who is the seller’s agent, will always be counting on our renowned accuracy and punctuality.


The dedicated search assignment allows significant advantages for the subscribing client:

Legal, technical and tax advice provided on request by selected professionals, with a free first consultation.

Removing language barriers, as our consultants interact with clients in the desired language.

This service increases the probability that you will find your forever home. Our data show that 80% of the customers who sign up for a Dedicated Search assignment end up buying one of the properties offered.

You can achieve a great saving of time, as we bear all the burden of the search; the customer is no longer forced to look at property listings for hours on dozens of portals or to read several emails coming from different agencies. We do it all and we filter everything on the basis of the preferences and needs expressed by our client.

The customers will have a single reference professional to whom they can communicate needs and preferences; the exchange of information will certainly be more continuous and in-depth compared to a multi-agent approach, with a much higher probability of tuning into the same wavelength, in a relationship of transparency and mutual trust.

The quality of services and products is strictly controlled by us, as exclusive agents of the buyer. Our aim is not to sell at all costs but to sell the property that best suits your needs.

To get more information and learn about our bespoke service, fill out the questionnaire. Click the button below and answer the questions. Your replies are essential for us to understand if we can become your property finders.

We require a non-refundable commission advance of € 1,500 as a contribution towards research, preparation for visits and examination of documentation; this sum will be deducted from our commission of 4% plus VAT, which is due in the event of an actual purchase. 

Discover all the details of our service

Once the dedicated search mandate has been signed, the work is essentially carried out in three phases: the first is the research phase, the second is the visit / evaluation phase and the third is the actual purchasing process.

Research phase

The research phase begins with listening and in-depth understanding the clients' needs and taste, in all their aspects: location, budget, ideal dimensions, preferred style, etc .... We provide our thorough knowledge of the market to help customers choose the most suitable location or other parameters, should they not have clear preferences in those respects.

Once this is done, we go on to select, typically within 14 days from the start of the assignment, the potentially interesting properties, searching within our group's portfolio, agencies located in the areas of interest, real estate portals, magazines, the network of direct knowledge, with constant feedback from the customer.
By progressively skimming off the properties, we finally arrive at a final selection of at least 3 properties (we recommend a maximum of 10). We organize the various viewings and keep the agenda of appointments.

Visit and evaluation phase

An initial visit to all the selected properties is carried out with the client.
After further reducing the properties to view to a selected few, the customer normally conducts a second visit to the houses deemed most suitable, possibly assisted by a qualified technician for a first free evaluation of the necessary works or improvements that could be made to the property.
The dedicated professional provides all the elements and clarifications requested and also makes a precise estimate of the property, to help the customer have an objective feedback on the fair market values.

Purchase phase

We prepare a purchase offer, after having carried out checks on the title origin and on any mortgages, easements and burdens, as well as on building permits.

We provide any legal, technical, tax, financial assistance, which the client should request, carried out by qualified professionals, at transparent and favourable rates.  

The preliminary contract can be prepared by us or alternatively be drawn up, at convenient rates, by notaries with whom we have close collaboration relationships.  

The customer is followed step by step up to the notarial deed; even after the purchase, we are always available to provide our advice and to respond to every need, through the network of acquaintances and professional collaborations that we have established. 

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