For the sellers: professionalism and marketing power

Image: the business card of a successful sale.

We pay great attention to the selection of properties for sale, which we carefully choose based on location, quality, type and quality-price ratio. In the same way, we carefully take care of the presentation through professional photos, services with drones, videos and detailed descriptions in various languages, which are our best business cards.

High visibility.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the Great Estate group, we have the opportunity to advertise your property nationally and internationally, using the most innovative web channels for the sale of prestigious properties, and listing the property within the best multilingual real estate portals; we constantly develop innovative incremental visibility tools, such as dedicated campaigns on Google Adwords or Social Network.

Large portfolio of international buyers.

Via dei Colli – Great Estate has a very important database in which there are currently around 25,000 potential buyers, both Italian and foreign, who are actively looking for an exclusive property in Italy. What are you waiting for? Contact us for more information!


Contact us , we’ll find a solution for your needs


For sellers, we offer the possibility of working in two forms: exclusively or in a non-exclusive form.
An exclusive assignment has the undoubted advantage of allowing us to work more incisively and in close contact with the seller; in the case of an exclusive assignment, we will place the property in circuits dedicated to sharing property between agencies (MLS).

Regardless of the type of assignment, we operate according to the following steps.

First contact with the potential seller and collection of preliminary documentation (highlights of the property, floor plans, photographs) to understand if the property can meet our requirements;
Full inspection, aimed at the acquisition of all the detailed information relating to the property;
Study of documentation (land registry, mortgage, town-planning documents, historical checks); verification of technical and legal aspects.
Evaluation of the property through our software The Best Price®, an innovative evaluation system based on algorithms and data collection models, developed by a team of university researchers, Real Estate experts and IT engineers. A detailed evaluation report of the property will be done, with the effective participation of the seller, who will be able to intervene in the insertion of qualitative variables. This is an essential point for us: we do not make visual or quick estimates. In the current market context, the listing price of an asset is a fundamental variable: for our policy, we are not interested in acquiring properties whose price is more than 15% from our estimate.
Making a photographic service and / or video, with detailed description of the property, also translated into English.
Promotion of property on our website, which receives an average of 2,000 unique visitors per month.
Property promotion on the newborn website, the portal of the Great Estate group aimed at the Italian market
Property promotion through periodic newsletter addressed to potential buyers in our database (currently about 2,500).
Property promotion through the inclusion in the Great Estate group database, which currently has about 20,000 profiled buyer customers
Promotion of property on the main Italian portals (,,, House24, Luxuryestate …) and international (Rightmove overseas, Gateaway, Italian houses for sale, Green-acres ….)

Periodic update on requests and visits, with transmission of feedback received from potential buyers.

In the case of an exclusive assignment, in addition to the above services, we can develop a personalized marketing plan together with the customer, ensuring greater visibility, through:
Creation of a professional video
Implementation of targeted Google Adwords and / or Facebook Internet campaigns
Translation of property in Russian and German language and publicizing in other international sites
Publication of the property in primary national and foreign magazines
Printing of brochures and leaflets to be distributed in selected sales points and locations.

The costs of the personalized marketing plan will be deducted in full from the commission due at the time of sale.
The exclusive assignment, with a minimum validity of 9 months, implies the possibility of inserting the property on the site, dedicated to the promotion of prestigious properties on the international circuit; moreover, with the signing of a marketing plan, the property will be advertised on a greater number of portals, with incremental visibility.

The compensation requested from the seller is 3% + VAT on the sale price in the case of exclusive assignments and 4% + VAT for non-exclusive assignments.
Our agency does not work on verbal assignments.

We are sure that we will find the right solution for your every need.

A land that remains in the heart

Umbria is a magical place, a wonderful place to live or where to spend your holidays. It is a land of hills, woods, vineyards and olive groves, of rustling of the wind between the fronds, of lakes, of silences, starry nights, good food and good wine, art and culture, history, ancient traditions, of simplicity. Umbria is all this and much more